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Omega Bay is a residential subdivision within the city limits of La Marque, Texas, geographically situated between Interstate 45, State Highway 6 and Highland Bayou. Homeowners are bound by the Restrictions and Covenants (a.k.a. deeds) of the subdivision when property is purchased. The current deeds allow for a homeowner association known as the Omega Bay Improvement Committee (OBIC) whose duties and functions are outlined within the documents (see below).

Omega Bay  Improvement Committee

The Board of Directors (OBIC) meet quarterly. This website is not associated with OBIC in any manner.
Omega Bay contracts with a property management company.

Parking Policy

There are a number of audible emergency alert sirens in the Texas City-La Marque area. These alert mechanisms are in place for a variety of reasons including chemical releases and tornadoes. The siren closest to Omega Bay is operated by the City of Bayou Vista. The siren is tested every Wednesday around the noon hour. The siren will ramp up producing a single audible sustained tone for about one minute. In the event of an emergency, the siren will ramp up and down producing a tone that will vary in pitch for about 3 minutes. This is an alert for area residents to "shelter-in-place." When sheltering-in-place, it is recommended that you close doors and windows and turn off any air exchanging devices (including some air conditioners). The "all-clear" signal is the same tone heard during the test- a single sustained tone for one minute.

Galveston County subscribes to First Call Network which is an automated emergency dialer network that calls residents when an emergency is declared by the Office of Emergency Management. If your telephone number is "listed" by the phone company, then you are automatically included in the call list. If you have an unlisted phone number and you want to be included in the First Call Network, then you will need to add your number to the First Call phone list. Visit for more information.

Garbage days for Omega Bay are Monday and Thursday. Please place your OTTO can out no earlier than the evening prior to pick-up day.

The Otto cart is designed to improve the quality of your waste collection service by:
• Keeping refuse, papers, odors, etc., inside the cart;
• Keeping precipitation and animals out of the cart;
• Providing a quiet, easy-to-handle container to store and move refuse;
• Enhancing your community’s appearance;
• Offering one of the safest, most convenient and effective methods available for the collection of refuse.

The cart should be placed within five feet of the curb or street. Handles should be
facing away from the street. Do not set your cart closer than three feet to any obstructions such as mailboxes, fire hydrants, utility poles or parked cars.

Please contact the City of La Marque for questions regarding garbage service or to schedule a special pick-up.

Water and sewer service is provided by Municipal Utility District Number 12 (MUD 12). Water bills are due by the 20th of each month. Partial payments are not accepted. A late fee of $15 is automatically assessed if payment is not received before 5pm on the 20th. Payments may be dropped in the payment box located in the front of the MUD 12 building or mailed to the address below.
Additionally, MUD 12 has a recreation area that may be rented by residents. The upstairs area has occupancy for 250 persons.
MUD 12 has also constructed a fitness park open to all residents within its boundary. It is located within Bayou Vista between Ling and Barracuda streets.
The MUD 12 office is located at 2929 Highway 6, Suite 300, Bayou Vista, TX 77563. Phone 935-6111 for more information or visit their website.

Police, Fire and EMS services are provided by the City of La Marque.
For emergencies dial 911.

Omega Bay and La Marque are Crime Watch communities.
We report suspicious activities to the La Marque, Bayou Vista, and Hitchcock police departments.
The La Marque police non-emergency phone number is (409) 938-9269.
The Bayou Vista police non-emergency number is (409) 935-0449.
The Hitchcock police non-emergency number is (409) 986-5559.
The Galveston County Sheriffs Office 24 hour number is (409) 766-2322.

Our neighbors across the street, Bayou Vista, offer many activities for residents. From swimming, to social clubs, to volunteer fire fighting, there is something for everyone. Please check out our sister website,, for more information.

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Current Restrictions and Covenants for Omega Bay:

The files are in PDF format.

Sections A

Section B

Section C

Sections D-G, 9, 11, 12, 14

Sections 1-8 and 10

Property address and deed section:

South White Heron # 1-8 is Section A
North White Heron # 1-20 is Section B
North Omega Drive # 1-25 is Section C, # 26-31 is Section D, #32-38 is Section E, #39-43 is Section F, and # 44-53 is Section G
South Flamingo #1-21 is Section 1
North Flamingo #1-40 is Section 2
South Curlew # 1-20 is Section 3
North Curlew # 1-33 is Section 4
South Sandpiper #1-18 is Section 5
North Sandpiper #1-28 is Section 6
South Skimmer #1-14 is Section 7
North Skimmer # 1-20 is Section 8
South Redwing #1-8 is Section 9
North Redwing # 1-6 is Section 12
Pelican #1-13 is Section 10
South Pintail #1-10 is Section 11
North Pintail #1-8 is Section 14

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